Day: November 26, 2019


How to Find the Best AAMS Betting Site Among the Myriad of Betting Sites on the Net

It is good to know that to play in total safety and tranquility the best betting sites on which to play are those that have obtained an AAMS license from the Italian State. This is the first fundamental aspect when you are looking for the best betting site because this certifies that every single bet is checked and monitored for the eventual payment of the winnings so that there can be no disputes. All betting sites are linked to a central brain that records all the bets and controls their accuracy and regular progress. The sites for so-called .com sports bets are instead foreign companies that collect games in Italy through the internet, but by following other laws and regulations of countries where they have obtained the license and therefore in addition to not being certain that the bets are constantly monitored and winnings paid regularly, but what should …