7 Gaming trends in 2020

Every year, there have been advancements in the gaming sector with a lot of components being outdated as other changes are being made. In the year 2020, there have been several gaming trends, the most popular ones are:

1.      Single-player games

These games allow you to use your own capabilities and not to depend on the team members for purposes of completing your mission. Such games make you more focused, since it is only you who takes the lead in any mission, and again it is only you who completes the missions with no one’s help. The games, such as the God of War, allow you to enjoy individual duty and explore a wide range of skills as compared to the multiplayer ones.

2.      Smart games controllers

For every action in the games, there are vibrations felt in response to that, and the vibrations differ depending on the action in particular. The new games are expected to have ways of bringing a difference between the real world and the virtual world of the fictional characters in the games.

3.      Streaming games

Earlier on, downloading apps with larger sizes were limited to WIFI, but a lot of advancements have been brought by 5G, which now allows you to download apps without limit to their sizes. Streaming allows mobile gamers to play the latest versions, and there is no need for them downloading updates. Those who are using PCs are also able to game from any computer since rising technology has made internet connections to become faster.

4.      Big Franchises playable on mobile

Right now, you can comfortably play franchises on your small-screened smartphone, and the 2019 mobile game with the biggest title was the Call of Duty, which has features such as the battle royale map that give the gamers a lot of advantage.

5.      The rising market for handheld consoles

 Due to the high-quality performance and graphics, handheld gaming consoles have come back to the market, and they are preferred to smartphones and tablets for playing video games. With the advancing technology, handheld gaming consoles are becoming more significant for use in 2020 and even in the coming years.

6.       Impact of Apple Arcade on the development of mobile games

Apple had launched a better subscription for gaming services where you would only pay monthly and have an opportunity to explore and enjoy a lot of games without any other charge being levied on you. Apple has joined hands with other gaming companies to come up with some more games for their Arcade service and on launching; they came up with over 50 games with plans to come up with more weekly. In 2020, more developers are now looking forward to teaming up with Apple and come up with new games.

7.      Hologram technology

Holographic display screens have spared gamers the burden of having to access television screens to be able to play games, which turn out to be a bit stressful. Gamers can now use holograms comfortably to enjoy their games.